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Train Easy Experts builds from success of Ally LMS

Updated: Jan 14

Train Easy Experts is the new name for Ally LMS, "a learning management system for plant people." Train Easy Experts was created to build on the success of Ally LMS to offer a higher diversity of services to more industries. Britney Hunter, the founder of Ally LMS, specialized in training for the agriculture and horticulture industries to capitalize on her education and professional experience. After two years serving clients in agriculture, Ally LMS has acquired new talent to expand it's reach to other industries.

Changes and New Features:

Video Content

Train Easy Experts can now create custom video content for direct sharing or as part of a training course. Video is a powerful training tool that can trigger emotion and increases comprehension and motivation. Videos may feature product training for sales, custom onboarding content, or any technical training related to your business. Contact Train Easy Experts for video samples.

Open Sesame Partnership

Previously at Ally LMS, Open Sesame content was available as part of pre-curated business packages. Now, Train Easy Experts connects clients to a dedicated Open Sesame expert to help curate the highest quality custom training program from over 20,000 professional courses.

White Glove Service:

The team at Train Easy Experts are experienced at navigating the training options available on the market. The Train Easy team offers a white glove service to create a custom solution for every business.


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